The space around us is limited, the ideas in us are unlimited. We came together to think about how we could break out from here and reach the outside; and how we could open small windows and breathe fresh air. In this restricted/cramped space – Gaza - we express ourselves in a cultural-bound artistic language, when we talk to others. A language, that is part of us. “Gaza” is rich in details, that we try to illustrate using new, descriptive colours. A group of young artists, bound to a specific, geographic area, in which ideas converge. Deeply believing in collective co-operation, they try to develop together the creative aspects in the art movement. They are looking at the most recent contemporary art, that serves them to fully express their artistic abilities and put them into form. The ideas and reflections of the group come to a synthesis, that is brought to public attention by regularly holding meetings, exhibitions and workshops, in which both local and international artists participate. Each of them has taken part in numerous international events in support of their culture, their art concept, and their effort to interplay